Story of the Forres Unicorn Society

Hello, thank you for visiting my website. I hope you enjoy this little story about the unicorns of Forres.

Please register for the Fritha Land newsletter here to receive the second half of the story. I am writing a sequel to this book also which I will also tell people about via a newsletter. This is my second self published work so I would be grateful for any feedback as long as it is reasonably kind! My email address is

Apologies for all the mystery surrounding the shop. It has been a strange process, moving here and buying the shop. I had no idea I would end up writing a story about unicorns. The unicorns quite literally, found me. As an artist and writer I am always following my nose. I can only plan so much and the rest has to be left to my unconscious self who is, like Mary Mary, a bit flighty and unpredictable.

I would like to raise some money to help illustrators to make work about sustainability by offering residencies in the area. If you enjoyed the story, please feel free to make a donation. You will receive many unicorn blessings if you do :)



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